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RIP: Isabel de Madariaga (1919-2014) and Viktor Markovich Zhivov (1945-2013)

The world of pre-modern Russian studies has lost two great scholars in recent times: Professors Isabel de Madariaga and Viktor M. Zhivov.

Professor Isabel M. de Madariaga died on 16 June 2014, surrounded by her family. Her memorial service was held at the nearby Highgate cemetery in early July. Tributes were paid by a number of family members, friends and colleagues, one of whom noted that, in keeping with the eighteenth-century tradition of 'conversations of the dead', he could well imagine one such conversation between Professor de Madariaga and one of the cemetery's other distingiushed resident, Karl Marx. He was in no doubt who would have had the better of that particular exchange! Obituaries have begun to appear, including this tribute on the SSEES website, the Guardian, and the Independent.

Professor Viktor M. Zhivov passed away, following a period of illness, on 17 April 2013. His work on language and culture in pre-modern Russia has had a major impact on scholarship in our field across a range of academic disciplines. While this work provides a lasting and fitting legacy for a leading specialist, he will be greatly missed as a colleague and, for those who knew him well, a friend. Tributes have been paid to him by those who knew him and who were inspired by his work: in the journal Kritika, on the University of California website, and on the Slavic Studies Librarianship blog, including some video recordings of talks given by Professor Zhivov.

IX International Conference of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia (Leuven)

The 2014 International Conference will take place in Leuven, from Thursday 17 July to Tuesday 22 July 2014. It is being organised by Emmanuel Waegemans, of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), and Hans von Koningsbrugge, of the State University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

All guests will be lodged in student houses in the very centre of the town. The all-in price for all participants – speakers, non-speakers and partners – is €450 per person. This all-in price includes: bed and breakfast for five nights (17-21 July); 2 x coffee/tea, lunch and supper; an excursion around Leuven; an excursion (by bus), including entrance fees and guides; a reception with Belgian beers (on the second evening); a special evening meal; the group photograph.

The conference will have thirteen panels. For further details on the final conference programme, including the panels, speakers and titles, and the conference accommodation, please consult the 2014 Leuven conference homepage.

Any enquiries about the conference should be addressed to Emmanuel Waegemans.

Special Volume of Russian Literature on the Eighteenth Century

The most recent volume of the journal Russian Literature, Volume 75, is devoted to the eighteenth century and is guest-edited by Professor-Dr Joachim Klein. The various articles cover significant authors, including Sumarokov, Derzhavin, Chulkov and Karamzin, and a variety of themes and genres, including panegyric, gender, iconography of power and (ir)religiosity. More details on the volume and its contents can be found through the journal's homepage, although you will need a subscription (personal or institutional) to access the articles.

Online Publication of New Volume of the Study Group Newsletter

The new, online, version of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter is now available to all members through the Newsletter page. The editors would like to thank the contributors for their prompt replies and patience during the editing process. The online newsletter will now provide a means to publish the synopses of papers from each year's Hoddesdon meeting and any short notes or documents that Study Group members may wish to disseminate. Longer research articles should instead be submitted to ВИВЛИОθИКА (see the journal home page or the news item below for further details).

Publication of Durham Conference Proceedings

I am very pleased to announce the publication of the proceedings of the 8th International Conference of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia, which is entitled History and Literature in Eighteenth-Century Russia. It can be ordered now through Amazon UK.

Durham Conference Proceedings

New Issue of the journal Россия в XVIII Столетии

Alexei Evstratov has co-edited the fourth volume in the journal series, Россия в XVIII Столетии with Francince-Dominique Liechtenhan and Evgenii Rychalovskii. The contents derive from papers presented at a conference to celebrate the tercentenary of empress Elizaveta Petrovna's birth, held in Paris in 2009. More details can be found in this table of contents.

Publication of Cross Annotated Bibliography on Foreign Travellers to the Russian Empire

Professor Anthony Cross will publish his long-term bibliographical project, entitled In the Lands of the Romanovs: An Annotated Bibliography of First-hand English-language Accounts of the Russian Empire (1613-1917), in April 2014. A print copy can be ordered now through the publisher's website Open Book Publishers. The work can also be read online, through the publisher's site and Google Books.

2015 Meeting of the Study Group

The next UK meeting of the Study Group will take place from Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th January 2015 at the High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

The format of this annual meeting allows a generous 45-50 minutes per paper, which provides an excellent opportunity for discussion and feedback from an international audience. The languages are English and Russian. Synopses of papers presented will be published in the new online version of the Group's annual Newsletter.

We particularly welcome the participation of postgraduate students. For those PhD students who wish to give a paper at the meeting, there are a limited number of subsidized places available each year. This SGECR subsidy will cover the conference fee only. Interested speakers should contact the organiser directly (see below) for more details.

The cost for three days' meals and accommodation in a standard room (without en-suite bathroom) and conference fee in 2014 was £145. A limited number of ensuite rooms were available for £185 (again, 2014 price).

The High Leigh Conference Centre is easily reached by road (on the A10) or train from London (20 minutes from Liverpool Street Station) or from Stansted Airport. Click here for a map of the area.

Any enquiries about the Hoddesdon meeting should be directed to Erin McBurney.

ВИВЛИОθИКА Volume 1 (2013)

The inaugural volume of the ECRSA’s new peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, open-access journal, ВИВЛИОθИКА: E-Journal of Eighteenth-Century Russian Studies, is now available through the journal's homepage. The contributions to this volume focus on the French language in Russia, particularly in education.

ВИВЛИОθИКА is devoted to the culture and history of the Russian Empire (broadly defined to include all the ethnicities, nationalities, and confessions within and around its shifting borders) during ‘the long eighteenth century’ (1660-1830). The journal is open to submissions in all relevant disciplines and in all the major languages in which eighteenth-century Russian studies is researched. It is intended to provide a forum for the promotion, dissemination and critical analysis of original scholarly research on eighteenth-century Russian studies, based on a spirit of internationalism and a belief in the principle of accessibility.

Authors interested in submitting items for inclusion in the second volume should consult the submission guidelines on the journal’s website. Inquiries can also be addressed to individual members of the journal’s editorial board

Call for Submissions for the Annual Marc Raeff Book Prize

The Eighteenth Century Russian Studies Association, an affiliate organization of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), is now accepting submissions for the 4th Annual Marc Raeff Book Prize. The Raeff Book Prize will be awarded annually for a publication that is of exceptional merit and lasting significance for understanding Imperial Russia, particularly during the long eighteenth-century. The recipient of the award will be recognized with a cash prize, which will be presented in November 2014, during the ASEEES annual convention. The award is sponsored by the ECRSA and named in honor of Marc Raeff (1923-2008), historian, teacher, and dix-huitièmiste par excellence.

The 2013 Raeff Book Prize was awarded to Alexander Martin, professor in the Department of History at the University of Notre Dame (USA), for his book Enlightened Metropolis: Constructing Imperial Moscow, 1762-1855 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013).

Click here to download guidance on assessing a book's eligibility, the procedure for nominating books and contact information for the Selection Committee.

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