Days from the Reigns of Eighteenth-Century Russian Rulers. Proceedings of a Workshop, dedicated to the Memory of Professor Lindsey Hughes, held at the Biblioteca de Storia Contemporanea 'A Oriani', Ravenna, Italy, 12-13 September 2007, edited by Anthony Cross (Cambridge: SGECR, 2007).

Introduction [p. 1]

Part I

Reign of Peter I

Paul Dukes, 1 September 1689: The Fall of Sophia, the Rise of Peter [p. 4]

Maria Cristina Bragone, 17 May 1698: Peter Supports Secular Printing [p. 13]

Nancy Kollman, 27 October 1698: Peter Punishes the Strel'tsy [p. 23]

Robin Milner-Gulland, 16 May 1703: St Petersburg, the Foundation Myth [p. 37]

Gary Marker, 30 October 1708: A Very Bad Day for Peter [p. 49]

Denis Shaw, 2 November 1716: Publishing Geographies for Peter [p. 61]

Reign of Peter II

Maria di Salvo, 30 November 1729: The Betrothal of Peter II and Ekaterina Dolgorukaia [p. 71]

Reign of Elizabeth

Paul Keenan, 23 December 1742: Elizaveta Petrovna's Ceremonial Entry into St Petersburg [p. 79]

Simon Dixon, 30 July 1752: The Opening of the Peter Canal at Kronstadt [p. 93]

Polly Blakesley, 23 October 1757: Lomonosov, Shuvalov and the Foundation of the Academy of Arts [p. 109]

Part II

Reign of Peter III

Ron Vroon, 9 June 1762: The Tears of an Empress; Or, The Toast that toppled an Emperor [p. 121]

Reign of Catherine II

Roger Bartlett, 30 October 1763: The Beginning of Abolitionism in Russia [p. 135]

Wendy Rosslyn, 5 May 1764: The Founding of the Smol'nyi Institute [p. 149]

Elise Wirtschafter, 20 September 1765: Tsesarevich Paul's Eleventh Birthday and Platon's "Sermon on Learning" [p. 163]

Anthony Cross, 8 August 1768: The Laying of the Foundation Stone of Rinaldi's St Isaac's Cathedral [p. 173]

Robert Dimsdale, 20 October 1768: Dr Dimsdale Spends a Day with the Empress [p. 185]

Gareth Jones, 22 September 1769: Latest News! [p. 197]

Mark Altshuller, 12 February 1785: Premiere of Nikolev's Tragedy "Sorena i Zamir" [p. 205]

Reign of Alexander I

Patrick O'Meara, 27 September 1825: The Funeral of the Duellist Konstantin Chernov [p. 221]